Mopars Galore At The 2017 Chrysler Nats! See Over 250 Pixs!

Mopars Galore At The 2017 Chrysler Nats! See Over 250 Pixs!

By David

Mopar fans are some of the most dedicated people you’ll find; they’ll stop at nothing to score the most elusive of parts, they’ll comb through acres of machinery to find the right project car, and they’ll travel to the biggest, most important shows to present their pride and joy when it’s finished. On the flip side, those who admire vintage Chrysler iron will trek hundreds or thousands of miles to be in the mere presence of a Hemi car or a winged warrior. These cars are nostalgic, and bring back tons of memories for those who remember them in their heyday, but they are also inspirational for a younger generation. Whether you’re a current Mopar owner, or just wish you were, the huge spread of classic Chryslers at Carlisle is the main draw, and there’s plenty to see.

This 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T was part of a Carlisle-sponsored reunion of “FM3” code cars, designating the colors Panther Pink (Dodge) and Moulin Rouge (Plymouth). Invitees displayed indoors in building “T.”

The 83-acre Carlisle Fairgrounds venue is home to the Chrysler Nationals and has ample space to hold over 3,000 display cars. Most are organized outdoors in rows by body size (A-Body, B-Body, C-Body, E-Body, etc.), but some cars are grouped by special designation and placed indoors. This year, there was a special indoor collection of “FM3” cars, designating the color code for Panther Pink (Dodge) and Moulin Rouge (Plymouth). This one-year-only color (1970) is especially prized and brought a lot of attention. Also indoors was a grouping of Hemi Super Stock drag package cars from 1967—now at their 50th anniversary. Outdoors, there was a “survivor” tent, for vintage Chryslers still in their original preserved and unrestored condition. We’re always amazed to see how well some of these have been preserved, and that most of them tend towards being the more typical family machines.

The burnout competition is always a highlight at Carlisle and this customized 1958 Dodge Custom Royal was the nicest car (by far!) to attempt the feat. Fins are coming back and these cars continue to climb in popularity.

Attendance typically peaks on Saturday, when judging occurs and when special events such as the burnout contest and Daisy Dukes beauty contest are held at the main stage. As Saturday winds down, show-goers settle into the shaded grandstands to view check it out…

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